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Glencoe, is known as the Glen of Weeping. It is one of the most beautiful areas in Scotland.

There are hundreds of superb peaks rising up out of the most picturesque lochs. If it's raining, Glencoe is truly living up to it's name! When the sun is shining it's a sheer joy to be here! When the Scottish mist is edging its way around the pines and conifers on the hillsides, it is truly inspiring.

The image shown here depicts the view across Lord Strathcona's lochan to the Pap of Glencoe. The lochan is only 10 minutes walk from Callart View. A number of magnificent Canadian Red Pines were brought here by Lord Strathcona when he was developing the area to look like a little part of Canada for his Indian princess bride. Other short walks include 'Green Pool' which is just a pleasant 15 minutes stroll along the River Bank. For the fit and healthy there is always 'The Pap' to climb which is more like a three hour walk! Walkers and climbers will find plenty of other spectacular routes to enjoy around Glencoe.

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